Business leaders workplace stress 2-day workshop

Is your company experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Concerning sick leave rates?
  • Reduced productivity?
  • Disappointing performance results?
  • Resistance to change?
  • High staff turnover?
  • Dissatisfied customers and clients?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that 1 in 3 adults suffer from moderate to extreme levels of stress, and workplace stress is now costing Australian employers more than $10 billion per year. Research has found that healthy employees are three times more productive than unhealthy employees, and unhealthy employees take nine times more sick leave than healthy employees.

Under the OH&S Act employers have a responsibility to maintain the health of their employees, and the definition of ‘health’ now includes psychological health.  As an experienced coach and registered health psychologist, I specialise in training leaders in business to mobilise their inner resources – to improve their own health, maximise performance and build more effective workplace relationships, and also to coach their team members to do the same.

What’s unique about my Workplace Stress Workshops for leaders?

My workplace stress workshop is aimed at leaders and is skills-based and highly interactive. The techniques taught are effective to reduce stress both at work and at home.  At the end of this workshop your leaders will have a greater understanding of all the major contributors to stress and how to reduce the impact of stress on personal health and professional performance.

Your leaders will learn to:

✓  Recognise stress symptoms before they become an issue✓  Keep work stress away from home and vice versa

✓  Effectively manage stress

✓  Coach their team in effective stress management & better health outcomes

✓  Maintain motivation and energy

✓  Strategically manage their time and tasks

✓  Be resilient & stay calm under pressure✓  Prioritise and stay ahead

✓  Be Proactive, not Reactive

✓  Get more done in less time

✓  Think and focus more clearly

✓  Understand how leadership works on practical, mental, emotional and physical levels

Contact Miriam by email or call on 0403 374 694 to arrange a workshop in your workplace.

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