Effective communication for business leaders 2-day workshop

Is your company experiencing any of the following issues:

Companies that have highly effective internal communications have around 47% higher total returns to shareholders as compared to companies that do not[1]. Every employee that crosses over from being disengaged to engaged adds an incremental $13,000 to the bottom line each year[2]. Productivity losses are often a result of communication barriers.

As an experienced trainer in the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a registered psychologist, I specialise in training leaders in business to master verbal and non-verbal communication skills, develop the art of people management, and build more effective workplace relationships.

What’s unique about my Effective Communication Workshop for Leaders?

My effective communication workshop is aimed at leaders and those in leadership development, and is skills-based and highly interactive. The workshop focuses on how to become the best leader you can be, whilst strengthening your existing leadership skills and learning new skills to fit your leadership style. At the end of this workshop your leaders will be able to communicate masterfully to achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their teams.

Your leaders will learn to:

✓  Build rapport quickly and easily
✓  Recognise unique communication styles and accommodate these effectively
✓  Keep workplace gossip in check
✓  Effectively manage staff behaviour
✓  Resolve conflict situations to a win-win
✓  Increase staff satisfaction & engagement
✓  Motivate and energise themselves and their team for better performance
✓  Accurately interpret and utilise non-verbal communication
✓  Maintain a calm and focused mindset
✓  Read between the lines in language
✓  Produce effective written communication

Contact Miriam by email at Miriam@miriamhenke.com or call on 0403 374 694 to arrange a workshop in your workplace.

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