Speaking & Presenting

"To all future listeners of Miriam Henke, my name is Leann and I am writing to let you know that Miriam is a wonderful person to listen to. She is not only informative but easy to listen to using a lovely tone of voice and language that is clear and easy to understand. As a speaker myself I could not speak higher of another speaker.

I have learnt a lot from listening to Miriam and hope you get the opportunity to do the same."

Leann Daniel-Condina

Life Coach

"I found Miriam to be a confident, enthusiastic and very capable speaker who delivers valuable content in an enjoyable way. When she chairs meetings, her generosity of spirit, knowledge and awareness of the attendees receiving value is most appreciated."

Di Sutton

Matrix Therapist

"Miriam approaches her work with an enthusiasm and honesty that is as engaging as it is refreshing in this world of hyperbole and spin. She weaves her public speaking with simple and powerful anecdotes of her own journey, which allow the listener to truly discern that what she is speaking of – she has also journeyed. Her way of doing this with humour and a kind hearted acknowledgment of the negative self talk that we must all overcome, allow her to appear very human in this process in a way that can inspire others to follow. Strongly recommended."

Prue Blackmore

Transpersonal Counsellor, Thrive by Design

"Miriam Henke knows what she is passionate about and has clarity of purpose. So when she is in the front of a room speaking you are inspired by her commitment to her work, her own life and those she supports. She lives what she teaches and has the courage to share her experiences both good and bad knowing that we are all simply human. Above all she dares to win!"

Gina Stamas

Director, Adelaide Wellbeing

"Miriam Henke is an excellent presenter – easy to listen to and comprehend. She discusses the topics she presents with her audience in clear and easy language. She is fun and enthusiastic and has a passion for her work, her teaching and her clients. I am happy to provide this testimonial and look forward to hearing her speak at any event."

Sue Walsh

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner Training

"I have found the NLP techniques I have learnt to be very helpful for my clients. Even though it is still early days, the movement that the clients get is great. This was one of the reasons why I decided to learn NLP and it is already paying dividends."

Diana Hutchison

Directions Coaching and Counselling

"I recommend it for anyone who is seeking self-discovery. It is a good starting point for anyone wishing to work with others."

Jacqui Newton

Mental Health Clinician

"Over the years I have heard about NLP and various processes through family and friends. Miriam's NLP Practitioner Training has was so clear, concise and valuable in understanding what NLP is as well as when it can be used, in particular with my clients. I highly recommend Miriam's NLP training to anyone wanting to either learn more about NLP and/or being a practitioner!"

Cindy Pellas

Uncooked Books

"My unrequited love affair with NLP began in 1980 when, as an Enrolled Nurse studying for my Psychiatric Endorsement, I came across books by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. That affair became my passion this year when I completed my Practitioner Course with Miriam and Peter. What to say? It’s been an eye opening eleven days with concentrated learning of a significant range of skills. NLP is a magic blend of art and science which Peter and Miriam have taught with skill and flair. The course has impacted powerfully on me personally while providing professional level techniques. Miracles happen here!"

Robin Eadha

"Doing an NLP practitioner course with Adelaide NLP first blows your mind, and then puts it back together with insightful understandings of not only the unconscious mind and the human condition, but it also arms you with multiple techniques that you can use to empower yourself and others. You will find you dissolve issues you didn’t even know you had. Whether it’s for your career, relationships, or personal growth, NLP has the power to transform your life for the better. This course will change your thinking, and therefore your life. Thank you Peter and Miriam!"

Mardi Rogers


"I'm a 2014 NLP Practitioner graduate with Adelaide NLP. Amazing experience! I started because I had to do something to get out of the negative spiral and stuck feeling in my life. Unsure what to expect, it turned out the best decision I've made! NLP gave me many useful, practical tools I can use in all areas of life! I feel empowered, flexible, in control and the best I can be. I've witnessed fantastic transformations in the whole group. If you are ready to improve your life I recommend doing this training. If you are not ready - get ready! "

Army Donder

Allied Health Professional

"I recently completed the NLP Practitioner training course with Miriam and Peter and I cannot begin to describe how amazing it was! The energy that Miriam and Peter have when they work together is awesome. And for me, TimeLine Therapy™ is quite literally like waving a magic wand!
The skills and techniques I learnt, the people I met, the whole experience was just fabulous. I cannot recommend this course with these trainers enough – it is so well worth the investment of time and money to have reached the other end changed, quite literally, for the better, both emotionally and physically."

Donna Roberts

Psychology PhD Candidate

"I am a recent graduate of Adelaide NLP. Miriam and Peter are two amazing people who are so passionate about what they do, helping people make significant changes to themselves and their lives. I am one of those people. I could never have imagined I could be so happy, relaxed and confident, now I know I can imagine and have anything I want. I watched everyone in our group grow and change in so many ways, I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it. Now we have the skills, knowledge and passion to help others, life changing!"

Tracey Klose, November 2014

Director of Nursing

"The training course was very insightful and transformational. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to improve their lives and learn new skills to apply to their daily lives.
Miriam is a fantastic trainer who keeps the course fun and engaging."

Vince Kwan


"1. This training has the ability to allow you to view many aspects of your life. Learn how to lead yourself toward correcting issues which inhibit your ability to flourish and deliver your inherent qualities and gifts, which you ALL have, and is just waiting to be shared, for the benefit of our world.
2. My initial open-mindedness prior to beginning this course has been both a benefit and is paramount to unleashing the NLP attributes.
3. I would greatly acknowledge the teachings of NLP to our world in both a personal manner and for the joy it can bring to others - as it has to me.
Thank you for this - love George."

George Huxley


"Coming into this program with no NLP knowledge for myself was very eye opening, different and surprising that some techniques we already use in every day life, even daily! I also found that somethings I first thought were so huge (like feeling no confidence or nervousness) are now so small and that the techniques I have learned this week will benefit not only myself, but others, for long periods of time.
Miriam, you are amazing and have helped us all to become our own and to be true to ourselves. You were/are a great teacher, and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for taking your time to teach us these techniques. We will use them in day to day life, future & present!
So a big thank you from us all xox."

Kimmii Huxley

Business Owner

"I have known Miriam for a few years now. Miriam is my NLP trainer, and I have been her client during training courses. She has been an ongoing adviser to me on some clients programs, and we have collaborated on marketing ideas and other projects.

As an NLP trainer and facilitator she has always made training fun, as well as jam packed with information and practicality. I can honestly say that in all my years of training, Miriam has surpassed everyone I have ever trained with, in terms of the amount of sheer value that she delivers in her training.

Her approach to her NLP training was so thorough, it came as no surprise to me that she completed her psychology Masters degree with absolutely stellar results.

I also have to say that she combines her thoroughness and professionalism as a trainer with a remarkable level of empathy as a practitioner. When engaging with her as a practitioner, she is able to put one at ease immediately and tune in to one’s concerns with so much focus that one can experience an immediate sense of elevation, simply by talking to her. Then she applies her formidable abilities as a therapist... at which point long term and stubborn psychological issues can change within moments.

I have worked with her on some programs for clients, and here Miriam's depth of knowledge comes to the fore, along with her ability to see and give insight into both the clinical details as well as the broader issues faced by people.

Now Miriam is a fully fledged consultant. I give her the highest recommendation I could possibly give. Such is Miriam's range of abilities and qualities, I consider that the profession of psychological consulting is fortunate to be able to include her within its ranks. She will ascend to the highest levels of professionalism in this field, and she will make some very considerable contributions, just as she has done in anything she has turned her talents to."

Warren Hudson

Career and Life Coach, Therapist

"From day one of receiving the pre-study package I knew I had enrolled in a course that could potentially change my life and the directon of my career. I am happy to say that the training with Miriam of Revelation Training & Caoching has far outweighed by expectations. Thank you Miriam for making the training prackage motivating and fun to learn. You’re a very inspiring, dynamic and natural teacher/leader.

Congratulations on an awesome training package! I’m looking forward to further developing my knowledge of NLP & Time Line Therapy in the Master Practitioner Training."

Louise Heffernan


"I found the NLP Practitioner training very valuable under both a personal and professional perspective. The material was delivered very effectively and taking care that everyone could successfully experience every skill and technique. Very valuable and reassuring is the ongoing support happening after the training. I am extremely happy about the whole roudness of the experience and positively surprised by how much of it I am already putting into practice!"

Camilla Cesari

Life Coach

"This course has been an eye-opening experience. Great set up with bringing our own problems and goals to the training, which is an additional investment for each student. Overall an excellent experience with a good balance of theory and practical."

Nadine Welke

GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer, Personal Trainer

"Miriam is an incredible trainer, commanding and engaging, yet wise and nurturing. Amazing outcomes achieved with an equally amazing group of people. Highly recommended A+++!"

Michael Liner

Business Owner

"My view of the world has shifted this week and now I have the tools and resources to support others to achieve excellence through the Accelerated NLP Practitioner Training. Anyone who strives to achieve excellence in themselves and others, then this is the course for you! Thank you Miriam for a professional, stimulating and fun week."

Sharon Honner

Facilitator, Coach & Agricultural Consultant