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Time Line Booster Pack CDs (Audio and MP3 format)

$79.95 AUD (Free postage Worldwide!)

Important – This CD pack is designed to be used only by those who have already experienced Time Line Therapy™ with a certified practitioner.

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Combining the power of Time Line Therapy™ unleash your potential whenever you need it! Use these short booster tracks to help you release emotions, beliefs and anxiety as needed, the power of Time Line Therapy has never been so convenient!

  1. Release Negative Emotions
  2. Find & Release A Specific Event
  3. Changing Limiting Beliefs
  4. Releasing Anxiety
  5. Switching The Time Line
  6. Goal Preparation
  7. Create Your Future Technique

Included are a total of 7 audio tracks (on two CDs in both CD Audio and MP3 digital formats in their own special dual CD case), each 7-15 minutes in length that can be listened to on the bus, the train, at the gym, in fact, almost anywhere that suits you!

(PLEASE NOTE) As these recordings require you to close your eyes for some of the exercises we highly recommend you do not use these whilst driving, walking, riding or doing ANY activity that requires your immediate attention and/or concentration.


Here’s what they’re saying about the Time Line Booster Pack

The Time Line Booster pack produced by Miriam Henke Consulting is awesome! If you have already done some Time Line work with a qualified practitioner, this allows you to take several steps forward on your own. It gives you the ability to work on things that come up in everyday living, allowing you to deal with them immediately, thus freeing yourself up to get on with life, rather than having events or emotions linger. Truly a worthwhile purchase that will be used time and time (line!) again.
Donna Roberts, SA, Australia, PhD Candidate (Psychology), Mum of 3, all round awesome chick 😉


Time Line Booster Pack CDs (Audio and MP3 format)

$79.95 AUD  (Free postage Worldwide!)