This is the Privacy Policy of Miriam Henke Consulting.

Miriam Henke takes your privacy very seriously. This Privacy Policy explains how the Personal Information you provide to us is used by Miriam. Miriam follows strict guidelines on the use and disclosure of your personal information. Miriam is now subject to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and, in particular, the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act. If we change our privacy policy we will update this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy will apply to any Personal Information you provide to us in connection with any enquiry, agreement or arrangement we enter into with you and any other interaction we might have with you including via this website or other online site. It will also apply to any information we might collect about you from another source such as a credit reference report, a company search in respect of a company in which you are an officer or shareholder and information which we might collect from other public sources of information.

For further information regarding the use of our website, please contact us directly

What Personal Information does Miriam Henke collect?

Miriam collects information about you such as your name, address, email address, contact details and, if necessary, your credit or debit card numbers. Miriam will take reasonable steps to ensure your Personal Information held by us is accurate, complete and up-to-date. We may obtain credit information about you from a credit reporting agency or from another credit provider.

Can you choose not to provide your Personal Information?

You have full control over the Personal Information you provide to Miriam Henke. It is entirely your choice whether you provide this information to us and at any time you can choose not to provide any of your personal details. However, if this information is not provided, Miriam may be unable to process your enquiry or otherwise affect the purposes for which the information has been collected. When entering into a transaction with us, some of this information will be essential for us to identify you correctly and for this reason it is mandatory to provide us with it if you wish to transact with us.

Access and correction

In accordance with the National Privacy Principles you have certain rights to gain access to the information which Miriam Henke Consulting holds about you and to seek correction of it. If at any time you would like to gain access to your Personal Information as permitted under the National Privacy Principles, or you would like to have some information which we hold about you corrected then please contact us as outlined below.

How will we use and disclose your Personal Information?

Miriam Henke Consulting uses your Personal Information to provide products and services to you as requested, to perform all necessary administrative functions in connection with the provision of those products and services, to maintain a record of our dealings with you, to contact you from time to time, to provide you with information about other products and services which may be of interest to you, to fulfil any other purpose which you have consented to or which the Privacy Act permits us to use your information for. Information provided via our website will be used to personalise your visit to our website, to customise our service to your needs, to respond to your requests and to communicate with you.


When you log onto our website we will log the date and time when you entered the site. Miriam Henke Consulting uses this type of information to track the patterns of visitors using our site and to examine online trends and demographics. This may include identifying which areas on our site are popular and which areas are not popular. Miriam Henke Consulting collects this information through the use of “cookies”.

Cookies contain information about your preferences. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that your web browser transmits to your hard drive to enable our system to recognise your browser. This means that we are able to know information about you when you next visit our site, such as your country of residence.

Cookies do not reveal your personal identity, but if you don’t want cookies the help option of your browser’s tool bar will tell you how to prevent cookies or disable cookies entirely. You can still use this website even if you choose to disable cookies, but we recommend you leave the cookies on to take advantage of Miriam Henke Consulting services.

How secure is the information you give to Miriam Henke Consulting on our website?

Miriam Henke Consulting uses only the most secure technology when handling your Personal Information on our website. Where applicable, we also follow the strictest security procedures for the storage of information in compliance with the Privacy Act.

When using credit card information it is necessary for us to transmit the entire credit card number to your credit card company for processing. We may also store bank account details and credit card numbers on our servers for billing purposes.

Since no transaction can ever be absolutely secure, we cannot guarantee the security of our website and we advise you that you use our website at your own risk.

Queries and complaints

For any queries or further information, or if you wish to make a complaint about the way we have collected, used, held or disclosed your information, then please contact Miriam Henke Consulting on 0403 374 694 or . We will endeavour to respond to your query or complaint as quickly as possible.

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