Strategic Planning

Miriam works with dynamic organisations helping them become effective at developing business and attract and retain clients, customers, exhibitors, sponsors and funding. In doing this, Miriam assists organisations to produce strategic plans.

Clarity of thinking in an organisation’s goals provides focus, concentration and consistency in decision making. In addition to a precise aim, a company requires a well defined strategy and a plan for driving the strategy forward.

Miriam facilitates strategic planning workshops by:

  • Providing facilities and equipment to host the event;
  • Being an experienced strategic planning facilitator;
  • Having project management of the planning day including specifying preparation so that participants arrive prepared to review pertinent high level information;
  • Event planning;
  • Documentation of the outcomes.

The workshops will typically stretch over two days with Miriam carrying out a series of activities and sessions designed to ensure input from all parties, consideration of all options and a consensus regarding the best strategy to take the organisation forward.

Miriam can either come to your offices, or provide or arrange a meeting space and catering throughout the workshop.

Miriam offers a cohesive and strategic solution to facilitate the exchange and discussion of ideas and challenges within your business. Companies leave the workshop with a clear goal, a forward looking strategy and a united team.

Contact Miriam today to discuss your strategic planning needs.