The Mainspring Method

The Mainspring Method Level 1 Training

2 Day course with Miriam Henke, founder of the Mainspring Method.

Used by doctors, integrative medicine practitioners and natural therapists worldwide, mind-body medicine is a scientifically proven area of healthcare that harnesses the powerful relationship between your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. But there has always been a missing part of the puzzle: getting to the root of the psychological or emotional issues that trigger physical health issues. What if you could identify the psycho-emotional causes of ill-health, and use the tools of coaching and psychology to address them? The Mainspring Method does just that. The end result? True healing, not just dealing with the symptoms.

In the Level 1 Training you will:

- Gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection

- Learn the neuroscience and scientific research behind mind-body medicine

- Understand the psycho-emotional causes of many physical ailments

- Learn how to complete a health audit

- Experience different ways of tapping into the mind-body connection

- Explore the essence of Integrative Medicine Receive a structured approach to helping yourself and others

- Get a practical mind-body medicine toolkit you can use straight away.

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About Mainspring

In the last few years numerous studies in mind-body medicine have proven that our emotional and psychological health has an enormous impact on our body’s ability to function well and be healthy. This hugely empowering discovery is being embraced by doctors and health practitioners worldwide to make radical, lasting changes in their patients’ health and wellbeing. The Mainspring Method helps you uncover the psycho-emotional root causes of illness, and gives you the tools needed to recover. Along the way you will learn how to adopt and maintain healthful beliefs and behaviour, and find enormous personal growth and freedom. It is a true, holistic approach to health and healing. Whether you need to diagnose and treat past trauma that is adversely affecting your health, make a lifestyle or behaviour change that will have a positive impact on your physical wellbeing, or just learn some new tools to help you manage stress and anxiety, the Mainspring Method will empower you to better understand your mind and your body, and equip you with the tools to discover and maintain profound emotional and physical health.


Level 1 Mainspring Method

11-12 November, 2016

91 Main Road, Glenalta $990 (GST inclusive) or $1200 (if registered after October 30)


- NLP Practitioner Certification

- OR be a Registered Health Professional

- Completed the pre-study program (provided with registration)

To register: Complete the following form and send to